Hagalaz' Runedance is the musical entity of Andrea ‘Nebel' Haugen. With her albums ‘The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's fate, Urd – That Which Was, Volven and Frigga's Web she has been exploring the spirituality of ancient Northern Europe, bringing to life the forgotten myths and magical wisdom of her Pagan ancestors, focusing particularly on the feminine mysteries of the North and the strong position women held in Pagan cultures. Andrea is working herself with the magic of her foremothers.

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Under the name Nebelhexe, Andrea, who has been active in various occult orders and Pagan groups since 1990, made a name for herself in 1994, with the obscure dark-ambient project Aghast. Her articles and comments about human nature, paganism and occult subjects in interviews became quite acknowledged in the alternative music scene. Many of her letters to the media have also been printed in the biggest Norwegian tabloid papers and magazines.

In 2000, Andrea's book “The Ancient Fires Of Midgard” was published, discussing topics such as Northern mythology and the Pagan way of life, Nature's mysteries, ancient traditions, the magic of the wise women, natural childbirth, and the animal spirit. Albeit dedicated to the Northern traditions, she encourages the revival of the Pagan wisdom in general, and hopes to inspire open-minded individuals to search for their inner self. Please read chapters of her book under ‘The book The Ancient Fires Of Midgard'...

After making three successful Hagalaz' Runedance albums, dedicated to the northern spirituality and in the style of folk/medieval music, Andrea felt the need to move on. She longed for new inspiration and for more artistic freedom in her musical and lyrical expressions. She felt the urge to explore the many possibilities of creating musical sounds and wanted to focus more generally on personal feelings, dreams, obscure experiences, parallel worlds and the magic that is surrounding her. She also began working within other artistic areas; creating visual art and video concepts for example.

Thus she has revived her previous artist name Nebelhexe (meaning fog–witch), partly because she felt like going ‘back to basics', but she also found new reasons to revive this name. Please read more about the new album and her ideas under ‘The new album and new art'

‘I don't want to follow a path…I want to create my own and leave a trail…'