Introduction to Creed of Iron by Wodensson

Only a religion which is indigenous to a people will serve and preserve them. The attempt to express reverence for nature and the creative force or forces behind it must spring from the race soul of the Folk. Wotanism rose in Northern and Western Europe and Scandinavia. It is untainted by alien influence, unlike the religion forced on Europe by the degenerate powers behind the Roman Empire.

The old religion of our Folk served many purposes. The heroic mythologies were used to build the necessary character in children so they would grow up as productive members of the family, the tribe and the race. Reproduction and exclusive occupation of the territory being the first necessities for the continued existence of the Northern European Folk, the religion taught fertility and a warrior spirit.

This is not to say, though, that Wotanism did not have a spiritual aspect, also. The Aryan soul by nature seeks to know the origin of life, the meaning of existence, the idea of a soul and the secrets of nature. Thousands of years ago the great Nature Philosophers postulated from meticulous study of nature that there existed an intelligence and creative force in the universe. However, it was never taught or implied that the Absolute, the unknowable originator, chooses sides in the eternal struggle for survival and advancement of each species. All nature declares that the strong, the wise, the cunning, the alert survive, while the lesser or weak perish. Appeals to the Absolute, which thinks and operates on a cosmic and eternal scale, are futile.

Wotan on the other hand is the exclusive God of the Aryan Folk. He is an expression of the Will Of The Aryan Nation, an archetype, a repository of wisdom and an ancestor, deeply ingrained within our genetic memory.

It is hoped that the writings and inspirations of my trusted kinsman, Ron McVan, will awaken our beleaguered Folk to reclaim their true and organic spiritual roots. Nonetheless, it must always be remembered that the soul is perfected through struggle in this life, on this earth, in this reality. Civilizations have cycles which sometimes allow people to spen much time on spiritual pursuits. But when a race is threatened with extinction, then physical struggle is demanded.

The first and highest law of Nature is the preservation of one's own kind. The Fourteen Words are the Aryan imperative. Nature and Nature's laws are the work of the Creator. Therefore, Nature's laws are divine, they are a 'Creed of Iron!'