I am referring to the letter of Mr. X in O.R. Briefing... I can agree with his arguments in the first part of the letter. I agree the "Coca-Cola mentality" is the big problem, destroying people's spirit. I also agree that we are taught to dislike our own culture and that it is `forbidden' for us to express love for our own culture and identity.

However, then he talks about abortion, men, and morality, he appears to share similar views to the Christians. He suggests "we should make ourselves present at abortion clinics like the Christians... I think that the Christians do this, that they harass and threaten young women, who feel frightened and awful enough about their decision, is disgusting enough. Is Mr.X supporting the Christian opinion that quantity of life is more important than quality of life? That unwanted children should be born just to get potential believers? Does he think in the Christian way that women should be forced to be mothers, no matter if they are capable or not? Of course it makes me mad that many young people are so careless, ignorant and irresponsible to end up with unwanted pregnancy in the first place. However, there are different reasons and a woman should be free to choose.

Mr. X also reckons we should "show them our morality". I somehow get a scary feeling with that. What are our morals? Do we have a set of strict morals like the Christians? I think one important effort we try to achieve as Pagans is to think individually and to find our own values, our own way to the Gods and Goddesses. We have no written dogmas. Mr. X proceeds to talk about the "feminization of men by the Christians". I don't agree. Christianity taught men to demonize the feminine, causing the violent behaviour many of those sexually insecure men have towards women. But what does Mr. X mean by feminization of men anyway? Does he mean men have become weak and humble? So is he suggesting that women are weak and humble??!! I again see Christian morals here.

To become an Odinist does not mean worshipping Odin instead of the Christian God. To be a Germanic Pagan means to return to nature and our ancestors' mysteries; to see the balance between opposites, to accept the feminine aspects of nature, the night, magical abilities; all that the Christians have so successfully destroyed. It means to discard Christian morals and start to think naturally, build one's own ethics based on inner strength, responsibility, respect, and independence.

What can we do to awaken our folk? Mr. X asks. Well, instead of joining the Christians at abortion clinics, how about caring for the many unfortunate children, orphans and abused kids that live in children's "'homes". They are in need of affection and encouragement.

Nebelhexe, Summer 98