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"We are and always will be connected to Mother Earth. We are a part of Nature and therefore subject to Natures eternal laws" - Fjorn

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PLEASE read this short introduction before continuing - Thank you.

Waes Hael! and welcome to the website of the Pagan Identity Movement, the Assembly of Identity Pagans - an organisation for the study of European Paganism and for the advancement of our ancestral religion of Asatru (Wotanism/Odinism/Irminism/Wodenism, etc) and its folk, the decendants of our ancient Germanic ancestors. Asatru is a religion which springs from the very folk-soul of our people and we are working to educate our kinsmen of their natural pre-Christian religion, the religion of nature and the religion of might. We do sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay here and find the information available of great interest, both articles by us and by many others - others who love their nation, their land, their heritage, their culture and their folk - and those that want to preserve these for the future generations of our people.
Those who follow the path of the old faith - Asatru, those who are proud of their cultural heritage, pre-Christian faith and folk, and those who see an eternal, undeniable and sacred bond between these are Identity Pagans.

This is NOT a political website. We are NOT involved with blind hate, bigotry, violence or anti-Semitism as our opposition and the ignorant would have you believe, but we are only concerned with the continued existence of our own unique heritage, culture, and folk and for the furtherment of our ancestral native religion of Asatru - at NO detrement to any other people. The Pagan Identity Movement, the Assembly of Identity Pagans has NO political affiliation or motive. We are simply an organisation for the continued study and advancement of our ancestral Germanic faith of Asatru (European Paganism) for our folk.

Stephen A. McNallen has said that Asatru is a belief for those that truly understand and respect diversity and variation and for those that believe that our differences are a blessing to be treasured, not barriers to be dissolved.

"... only by understanding who we are, only by coming from our racial "center", can we interact justly and with wisdom with other peoples on this planet. We must know ourselves before we can know others. Our differences are great, but we who love human diversity and variation must learn to see these differences as a blessing to be treasured, not barriers to be dissolved."
Stephen A. McNallen,
Asatru Folk Assembly - Metagenetics.

Is this hate I ask you? Is this wrong considering every other race on the planet is urged to celebrate their own culture and spiritual path and to promote it?

"It is time that we reclaim our heritage. We have been a wandering, frustrated, and impatient people. A people who were cut off from their past, cut off from their birthright. This is not the way we were meant to live. Leave this life to those whom it was designed for, and let us rebuild our Village, and thereby our souls. Today I leave to reclaim what is ours to claim... join me if you will."
E. Max Hyatt (Edred Wodanson),
Wodanesdag Press, Wodans Kindred - The Village

All we would ask is that you look at both sides of the story before you make up your mind. This way, and only this way, can you make an educated decision. Regardless of what you believe, wether you agree or disagree, at least hear us out, give us the chance to speak to you and for us to listen. This is the only way to have an educated opinion... to listen to both sides of the story and then, and only then, to decide for youself. To do this please read the "Asatru FAQ" and the "Essential Reading" section of this website and we truly hope that you will join us, the Assembly of Identity Pagans - the Pagan Identity Movement, in our cause.

This Website is updated regularly and we would like you to contribute all you can. Remember, your thoughts count, wherever you stand. We are here to answer your questions and at the same time also be informed. We are not involved with immature debate, name-calling and such. We will help you, and hopefully you will help us. We will answer your "intelligent" questions as much as we can and to the best of our ability, but please, before any emails are sent, read the "Essential Reading - under construction" section and "Asatru FAQ" first.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. I truly hope you are enlightened by what you learn here. There is a whole new world out their just waiting to be discovered, a world buried deep in our ancestral past and one that will lead you into the future - both prouder and stronger.

May Woden watch over you all,

Director, Pagan Identity Movement


Asatru…The Way of Our Ancestors…
Calling Us Home

by Stephen A. McNallen

Asatru is an expression of the native, pre-Christian spirituality of Europe. More specifically, it is the Way by which the Germanic peoples have traditionally related to the Divine and to the world around them.

From Iceland to Russia, from the frozen north of Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, the Germanic peoples wandered and settled over a span of thousands of years. Today, their descendants are spread around the world. We may refer to ourselves as Americans or English, Germans or Canadians, but behind these labels lurks an older, more essential identity. Our forefathers were Angles and Saxons, Lombards and Heruli, Goths and Vikings - and, as sons and daughters of these peoples, we are united by ties of blood and culture undimmed by the centuries.

Asatru is our native Way. Just as there is Native American religion and native African religion, so there is native European religion. Asatru is one of its expressions. It gave our ancestors comfort in millennia past, and it can give us strength and inspiration today.

The word "Asatru" comes to us from Old Norse, the tongue of ancient Scandinavia, where it means "those loyal to the Gods." Since the ancient Scandinavian version of our Way is the best documented, it has given us much of Asatru's terminology and imagery. The soul of Asatru, however, is not confined to the Scandinavian model, but encapsulates the belief of all the Germanic peoples. Indeed, Asatru reflects the deeper religiosity common to virtually all the nations of Europe.

As a part of the great European Folkway, Asatru has a number of characteristic beliefs. Some of these are:

The world is good. Prosperity is good. Life is good, and we should live it with joy and enthusiasm.

We are free to shape our lives to the extent allowed by our skill, courage, and might. There is no predestination, no fatalism, no limitations imposed by the will of any external deity.

We do not need salvation. All we need is the freedom to face our destiny with courage and honor.

We are connected to all our ancestors. They are a part of us. We in turn will be a part of our descendants.

We are also linked to all our living kin - to our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of Europe. They are our "greater family."

We are connected to Nature and subject to its laws. The Holy Powers often express themselves in Nature's beauty and might.

We believe that morality does not depend on commandments, but rather arises from the dignity and honor of the noble-minded man and woman.

We do not fear the Holy Powers, or consider ourselves their slaves. On the contrary, we share community and fellowship with the Divine. The Holy Powers encourage us to grow and advance to higher levels.

We honor the Holy Powers under the names given them by our Germanic/Norse ancestors.

We practice Asatru by honoring the turning of the seasons…the ancestors…the Divine…and ourselves - in everyday life.

Asatru is about roots. It's about connections. It's about coming home.



. The Nature of Folk Religion
by Stephen A. McNallen

In the modern Western countries, spirituality is thought of largely in individual terms. We meditate or pray to seek self-improvement, personal spiritual enlightenment, or individual salvation. Religion is nothing more than a set of beliefs and practices, which can be adopted as easily as we buy a new car, and changed for a new one even more easily.

This is a very new opinion, one which has risen in direct proportion to our separation from nature, and from our ancestors. To people in traditional cultures, this self-centered interpretation of religion is strange indeed.

Certainly all spiritual or religious paths have an individual component that is valid and worthy of pursuit. In America and the rest of the West, however, we often forget the group aspect of any system of belief. This doesn't mean that we don't yearn after community; many neighborhood churches provide this for their members, and this role has become even more vital as our families disintegrate under the pressures of modern living.

What we do not understand is that natural forms of religion - native religions, indigenous religions, whatever you want to call them - are linked to a particular cultural and biological group...a people. Religion is not something apart from the life of the group; indeed, it is one more manifestation of the group's existence. Religion springs from the very nature of the people and is an expression of the totality of their experience from the beginning of time.

Most, or maybe even all, indigenous religions are essentially ancestral. Those who have gone before, those forefathers and foremothers of times past, are still connected to the tribe or nation. The bonds of kinship transcend space and time. Indeed, many of us who follow Asatru believe that the ancestors are continually reborn into the family or clan. There is an interweaving of ancestry thoughout lifetimes and across generations. We have been here, together in this world, before. Blood is not only thicker than water, it is stronger than death and distance!

From this perspective, it is unthinkable that religion should be seen as just a commodity, something to be shucked off like a coat or a hat. Rather, religion becomes a manifestation of our very essence, a part of us like our legs or our head. Asatru is not what we believe, it is what we are.

It is only natural that we seek out the spiritual path that our ancestors walked. On the most mundane level, we are more like those forebears than we are like anyone else. We carry their essence. One can try to rationalize this by pointing out that so many things about humans are influenced by heredity, and perhaps that is part of it, but ultimately the connection is spiritual. We are linked to those ancestors, and to our descendants, by special bonds that we do not share with others. When we find the ways of our own people, and come to understand those ways, and to follow them, we find things that we cannot find anywhere else.

It is these two things - the focus on the group nature of religion as a counterbalance to the sheerly individual aspect, and the importance of the ancestors, that sets natural religions or folk religions apart from modern, rootless, artificial constructs. Asatru is not just a belief, and not just a set of practices, it is an expression of who we are as men and women of European heritage.


by Sylvia Stevens

Do you wear your Hammer?

Do you wear your Hammer
Around your neck each day?
Does it say 'I'm Asatru!'
Or is it tucked away?

Does your speech do credit
To Asatruar kind
Or do your friends have cause to doubt
Your cleanliness of mind?

Will you answer truly
When asked your state of faith?
Do you, in face of Christendom
Vanish like a wraith?

Do you search for knowledge
And credit Odhinn's aid?
Do you show Frigg's charity
and love that will not fade?

Have you defended clan and kin
Against the sland'rer's edge?
Or have you, by your nod,
Helped to drive the wedge?

Are you fost'ring hatred
In breast that should be clean?
Are you worthy of the task
Or are your motives mean?

What you do today, my friend,
Is how you shall be known.
And by infrence, all of US
By your actions, shown!

And thus do Asatruarfolk
All, each other represent!
In thought, and word and action.
In garb and temperament.

And we ALL represent the Gods
For from Them, we descend!
My Asatruar friend!

Do you wear your Hammer
For Asatruar Kind?
You must wear it on your clothing

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