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Setember 28th, 2004

September 15th, 2004

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The Importance of Richard Wagner

Voice of our Ancestors
Why the Website?
Updated mainpage and introduction
Wotansvolk: A Revolution In Thought by Ron McVan

New website design to welcome page and main site layout.

Update to Steve A. McNallen and Valgard Murray page but still under construction.

Mainpage slighly updated in the introduction.
Introduction to Asatru by Edred Wodanson
Asatru, Ancestors and Self Hatred by Ragnar
The Wotanic Warrior Spirit By Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson
Page on Stephen A. McNallen and Valgard Murray added (Under Construction)
Thors Hammer section updated (Under Construction)

The Village by E. Max Hyatt

Asatru Calander
Welcome to Asatru: An Asatru Primer by Stephen A. McNallen
How To Begin PracticingAsatru Today by Stephen A. McNallen
Nine Virtues of Asatru by Stephen A. McNallen
Asatru FAQ 2 by Wodanesdag (Wodans Kindred)
Introduction to Asatru by Wodenesdag (Wodans Kindred)