Of Spirit And Stone (a forgotten way)
by Fjorn, Raven

Version 1.7

"We are and always will be connected to Mother Earth. We are a part of nature and therefore subject to natures eternal laws."

Today more than ever our people need spiritual guidance. We need guidance that stems from the blood and not from the far. A guidance that we are a part of and is a part of us. Our history is all around us, our culture and heritage is within us. This though unfortunately we have forgotten. I do not believe that we have rendered ourselves null ad void in the eyes of our forefathers and their gods, our true gods. We have however disconnected ourselves from nature and the natural ways and have turned our back on the natural spirit of the land and its gods for a world of materialism, degenerate social values and an aesthetic outlook and way of life.

Once more we need to see what we used to see, feel what our Pagan ancestors felt and know what the gods of nature wanted to teach us. We need to know once more what pride and honour are, to have a bond with, and sense of blood and soil. this is what our ancestors lived and fought for, this is what our heathen forefathers tried to secure for the future generations, and subsequently died for. This is what we must come again to learn, otherwise it will be lost forever.

It is time to get up, time to leave your couch and time to switch off the TV. The gods and their wisdom are all around us eternally but they must be called upon again by our folk. One such way is to visit the ancient pagan monuments of our ancestors the Cromlechs (Stone Circles), the Menhirs (single standing stones), Megaliths, stone rows, cairns, etc. Visit these places and marvel at their mystery and beauty. Stand and take in their ancient aura of Heathen past. Sit and close your eyes dream, and think of the past times, take in their incredible splendour that has tested time itself. Not one circle or stone is the same, their magnificence is various and unlimited and their ambience of the past is unquestionable.

Don't think that you will have to travel miles to see these infrequent monuments of our Ancestors either. There are literally hundreds of them all over the country. In England there are around 89, Scotland 142, Wales 30, and many more around the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Ireland.

A good guide to these gateways to not only the past but to the future and to nature and her gods is a book called "A Guide To Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany" by Aubrey Burl. This book is the most comprehensive guide on the subject that I have found and the majority of Megalith groups pointed me in this direction. This book "is not concerned with fakes and follies" nor "modern Welsh gorsedds, such as the one erected in 1908", it is only concerned with the real thing.

It should not only be the stones that are observed for their sheer miraculous viewing but also for the way in which they were built and where they are situated. Observe how they stand on hill shoulders, or on a terrace with long views down valley or glen and near water. These are sites that by today's standards have never been recreated.