Recommdned Reading/Watching

Stephen A. McNallen of the Asatru Folk Assembly
Asatru FAQ (Must Read!) by Stephen A. McNallen
Asatru…The Way of Our Ancestors… Calling Us Home by Stephen A. McNallen
Welcome to Asatru: An Asatru Primer by Stephen A. McNallen
In Defence of the Folk View by Stephen A. McNallen
Nature of Folk Religion by Stephen A. McNallen
We Follow the Gods and Goddesses of Asatru by Stephen A. McNallen
Your Ancestors Matter by Stephen A. McNallen
How To Begin PracticingAsatru Today by Stephen A. McNallen
Metagenetics by Stephen A. McNallen and Genetics & Beyond (Metagenetics 2) by Stephen A. McNallen
A Code For The Fearless and Fair by Stephen A. McNallen
Nine Virtues of Asatru by Stephen A. McNallen
Celts and Germans by Stephen A. McNallen
Change Yourself by Stephen A. McNallen
Fog and the Fire by Stephen A. McNallen
Future Past and Present by Stephen A. McNallen
Twelve Traits to Nourish by Stephen A. McNallen
For The Nations by Stephen A. McNallen
Joy - The Overlooked Virtue by Stephen A. McNallen

Edred Wodanson (E. Max Hyatt)
The Village by Max Hyatt
Asatru FAQ 2 by Wodanesdag (Wodans Kindred)
Introduction to Asatru by Wodenesdag (Wodans Kindred)

Ron McVan of Wotansvolk
Understand Wotan Consciousness by Ron McVan
Wotanism In Today's World by Ron McVan
Resurgence of Wotan by Ron McVan
14 Codes of the Aryan Ethic by Ron McVan
Wotansvolk: A Revolution In Thought by Ron McVan
Path of Wotan: The Struggle For Existance Causes The Will To Make Itself Manifest by Ron McVan
The Importance of Myth by Ron McVan
W.O.T.A.N: Will Of The Aryan Nation by Ron McVan
God - Wotan - Aryan Man by Ron McVan
The Wotanist Warrior by Ron McVan
Eye of Wotan by Ron McVan
Ancient Aryan Symbolds by Ron McVan
Horned Gods by Ron McVan
Wotansvolk: A Revolution In Thought by Ron McVan

Valgard Murray of the Asatru Alliance/World Tree Publications
AlThings-Past, Present and Future by Valgard Murray
The Role of the Gothar in the Asatru Community by Valgard Murray
The Asatru Kindred by Valgard Murray

Wodensson of Wotansvolk
The Odinic Mysteries by Wodensson
Intro to Creed of Irson by Wodensson
Wotansvolk by Wodensson
Why Wotanism & the Pyramid Prophecy by Wodensson

Andrea (Nebel) Haugen
Hagalaz Runedance
Reply to the Norwegian Heathen Society
Letter to O.R. Briefing
A Re-Editied Summary 98
The Ancient Fires of Midgard (NOT the entire book)
Intro to The Ancient Fires of Midgard
Northern Traditions and Natural Lore
The Main Season Celebrations
The Blot
Celebrating Personal Events

Why Asatru by Varg Vikerness
Of Spirit and Stone by Fjorn
That Which Once Was Shall Be Again by Fjorn
The Wild Huntsman and the Ride of the Dead by Fjorn
The Path of Wotan by Jost Turner
Wotan Speaks to his Children by Coriolanus
Hengest and Horsa: Birth ofthe English Nation by Fjorn
Asatru, Ancestors and Self Hatred by Ragnar
The Wotanic Warrior Spirit By Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson
The Importance of Richard Wagner
Voice of our Ancestors
Odinism by the Odinic Rite
Odinism: Our Natural Way by the Odinic Rite
Odinism: Our Faith, Heritage & Identity by Heimgest DCG-OR