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The Ministry of Pagan Identity, aka the Pagan Identity Movement is an umberella organisation for the heathen study and advancement of Aryan Paganism run from England, the United Kingdon of Britain - Sacred Albion.

For various and numerous reasons within the tyrannical and despicable UK justice system, these beliefs, the foundations of the Pagan Identity Movement, were laid down over an internet discussion meeting (rather than a facial moot) between various groups who support Pagan Identity all over the world.

Anyone who wishes to voice their opinion over these beliefs is more than welcome and should contact the P.I.M. with intelligent and rational debate at

This is NOT a politial website. We are NOT involved with blind hate, bigotry, violence or "anti-Semitism" as our opposition would have you believe, but we are only concerned with the continued existence of our own unique Aryan heritage, culture, and race but at no detrement to any other people.
Is this hate I ask you? Is this wrong considering every other race on the planet is urged to celebrate their own race culture and to promote it.

All we would ask is that you look at both sides of the story before you make up your mind. This way, and only this way, can you make an educated decision. Rregardless of what you believe, wether you agree or disagree, at least hear us out, give us the chance to speak to you and for us to listen. This is the only way to have an educated opinion... to listen to both sides of the story and then, and only then, to decide for youself.

This Website is updated regularly and we would like you to contribute all you can. Remember, your thoughts count, wherever you stand. We are here to answer your questions and at the same time also be informed. We are not involved with immature debate, name-calling and such. We will help you, and hopefully you will help us. We will answer your "intelligent" questions as much as we can and to the best of our ability.

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. I truly hope you are enlightened by what you read in the Essential Reading section of this website and will join us in our cause.

May Woden watch over you all,

Alistair H. Fenner (Ravenfjord)
Director, Pagan Identity Movement


Version 1.2, September 05 th , 2004

Waes Hael to all who have discovered the Ministry of the Pagan Identity Movement, an organisation for the study of Identity Paganism, the advancement of our ancestral folk religion of Asatru (aka Wotanism / Odinism / Wodenism, etc) and its people. A religion which springs from our peoples very own racial folk-soul. We do sincerely hope that you enjoy what you learn here and find the information here of great interest, both articles by us and by many others - others who love their nation, their land, their heritage, their culture and their race - and those that want to preserve these for future generations.
Those who follow the path of Asatru, those that are proud of their race, and those who see an eternal and undeniable bond between the two are Identity Pagans.

Identity Paganism is the belief that there is a direct connection between spirituality and biology. It is the belief that there is an unbreakable bond tied within the blood of a people that connects that people to a religion and a religion to that people. It is the belief that the true spirituality of the people of European decent is that of Asatru - What is Asatru (Wotanism / Wodenism / Odinism, etc. - please read the Pagan Articles: Essential Reading), an organic belief that springs directly from the racial folk-soul of a people, through their culture, their heritage and their race. It is the belief that we need to secure our peoples existence, the indigenous people of Northern Europe for all time in order for our religion to survive for the future generations of our people. It is a belief for those that are of the understanding that Natures Eternal Laws are divine – for those that accept that all racial groups are different and should remain that way and take the paths of their own kind. A belief for those that believe in the natural separation of different people rather than the unnatural forcing together of different racial groups which eventually results in the mixing of the people, miscegenation, and the breaking of the sacred bond of the blood, the bond of spirituality and biology - the bond of blood and soil. It is a belief for those that truly understand diversity and variation and for those that believe that our differences as a blessing to be treasured, not barriers to be dissolved, a belief in Metagenetics. It is for those that believe that anything that jeopardises Natures Eternal Laws and the eternal decrees of the Creator is an abomination. It is a belief born of the blood, through the blood and for the blood.

This is not hate of other people but love for our own peoples culture, heritage and race and the belief that these should be secured eternally – this is Natures Eternal Law, and the divine law of the Creator – this is Identity Paganism.

Excerpts from Metagenetics by Stephen A. McNallen:

“One of the most controversial tenets of Asatru is our insistence that ancestry matters- that there are spiritual and metaphysical implications to heredity, and that we are thus a religion not for all of humanity, but rather one that calls only its own. This belief of ours has led to much misunderstanding, and as a result some have attempted to label us as "racist", or have accused us of fronting for totalitarian political forms. (This is) …a science for the next century which we have named "metagenetics". For while that science deals with genetics, it also transcends the present boundaries of that discipline and touches on religion, metaphysics, and (among other things) the hereditary nature of Jungian archetypes. The foundations of metagenetics lie not in totalitarian dogma of the 19th and 20th centuries, but rather in intuitive insights as old as our people. It is only in the last decades that experimental evidence has begun to verify these age-old beliefs.
… Anyone familiar with Asatru knows that the clan or family line holds a special place in our religion. Kinship is prized for both practical and spiritual reasons, and the chain of generations is seen as a time-transcending unity, something not limited by our narrow perceptions of the past, present, and future. What findings of modern science make this more than a pious conviction? Is there anything special about the genetic bond from a psychic or spiritual standpoint?
The idea of metagenetics may be threatening to many who have been taught that there are no differences between the branches of humanity. But in reflecting, it is plain that metagenetics is in keeping with the most modern ways of seeing the world. A holistic view of the human entity requires that mind, matter, and spirit are not seperate things but represent a spectrum or continuum. It should not be surprising, then, that genetics is seen as a factor in spiritual or psychic matters. And the ideas put forth by those who see consciousness as a product of chemistry fit into metagenetics as well- for biochemistry is a function of organic structure which in turn depends upon our biological heritage.
We of Asatru are concerned about our ancestral heritage, and we consider our religion to be an expression of the whole of what we are, not something that we arbitrarily assume from without. It also explains why those who do not understand us accuse us of extreme ethnocentrism or even racism- for it is clear from metagenetics that if we, as a people, cease to exist, then Asatru also dies forever. We are intimately tied up with the fate of our whole people, for Asatru is an expression of the soul of our race.
This does not mean that we are to behave negatively toward other peoples who have not harmed us. On the contrary, only by understanding who we are, only by coming from our racial "center", can we interact justly and with wisdom with other peoples on this planet. We must know ourselves before we can know others. Our differences are great, but we who love human diversity and variation must learn to see these differences as a blessing to be treasured, not barriers to be dissolved.”


We Believe that our peoples true religion and spirituality (folk of Eurpoean desent) is that of the organic religion of the Aryan folk, that of Asatru (more on Asatru).

We Believe that spirituality is born from the blood of a specific people and for that specific racial group of a people alone.

We Believe that for our ancestral religion to live on for the future generations of our people, then people of different racial stock need to be geographically separated, eternally .

We Believe that the unnatural forcing together of different racial stock is an abomination of Natures Eternal Laws, the divine and eternal laws of the Creator.

We believe that for our and others races to survive, we need to be geographically separated, eternally .

Natures Laws