The path of Wotan: The path of the Ubermensch.
By: Jost Turner

The Path of Wotan, which is named for Wotan (Odin), the principal deity of the Germanic tribes in pre-christian northern Europe, is a revival of our Forefather's ancient science of rejuvenation and accelerated higher evolution by self-effort.

The Path of Wotan stems from the last Golden Age of this earth, which ended long before recorded history. In those enlightened times, our Forefathers were very highly evolved - even beyond the need for technology or instrumentation - and they understood the true nature of matter and spirit. However, our Forefathers of the Golden Age had foreseen the coming of the Dark Age, and so they encapsulated their wisdom in allegories which men of wisdom could interpret, but that the ignorant and intolerant would dismiss as harmless fantasies of primitives, and so would not destroy them as dangerous competition to their church authority.

As time advanced, the earth, and with it human intellect and awareness, gradually degenerated into a dark age of ignorance, selfishness, and intolerance, from which it is only now emerging. By the Viking Age, which occurred in the midst of the last dark age, few if any could understand the real meaning of the allegories of old, and without the foundation of a true understanding of their own spiritual heritage, the Folk of northern Europe were unable to resist forced conversion to the new religion of Christianity. But, as planned, the allegories were not destroyed. They ended up being written down and preserved by Christians who were unaware that these myths and legends of old contained the knowledge and science of the Golden Age. However, as would be expected of anything which had been passed down from generation to generation, some of the allegories of our Forefathers have been lost, some in part and some entirely.

Those which survived were edited by the Christians who wrote them down, and so there are many alterations, deletions, and mistranslations. But the essentials of the golden age knowledge have survived well enough to provide a foundation for a revival of the Path of Wotan, (which is) a concise interpretation and commentary on the most important of these surviving allegories. It is not the result of scholarly research, philology, anthropology, or any sort of mysticism. It comes from many years of actual practice on the Path of Wotan. The ancient knowledge and science of our Fore- fathers has also been preserved and passed on by actual practioners - whose disciplined practice of the prescribed techniques has elevated them to extraordinary evolutionary levels and superhuman abilities.

The path of Wotan is not supernatural or "occult". It is simply a profound understanding of the laws of Nature and of our purpose in life, The Gods and other icons symbolize humankind's struggle from egocentric limitations to the highest evolutionary level of super conscious awareness and superhuman powers. The path of Wotan is not for the weak, the lazy, nor the mediocre. One must be willing and able to change oneself drastically. The path of Wotan is the path of will and self-discipline, the path of the true warrior, the path of the Superhuman Species or Ubermensch.