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Must Watch Videos

Steve McNallen on Asatru
also known as Ostara 2243
A dynamic and impassioned plea for the restoration of our ancestral faith. Includes an overview of Asatru and anecdotes of Asatru's rebirth in the United States. (90 minutes) Available here and here.
Asatru: The Soul and Initiation
Presentation by Steve McNallen before the Portland Theosophical Society, Covers our major Gods and Goddesses, describes our essential values, clarifies the nature of the human soul, and discusses intitiatory motifs in Asatru. Includes a question-and-answer period. (60 minutes) Available here.
Althings Of The Asatru Alliance
This is a quantum improvement over our earlier Althing video. Professionally produced with special graphics, dialog, sound track, and rare historic footage of various Althings. Almost one hour in length, this is a must for any Asatru Library. VHS only. Available here.
Interview with Allsherjargodi Svenbjorn Beinteinsson
The complete Vor Tru #51 Interview with Allsherjargodi Svenbjorn Beinteinsson captured on video tape. Over one hour in length. In Icelandic with English translators. The Allsherjargodi discusses the founding of modern day Asatru and his personal beliefs and philosophy about the people and the religion of the North. VHS only. Available here.
Asatru Tradition
The Norse Tradition by Pete Jennings
Creed of Iron by Ron McVan
Temple of Wotan by Ron McVan
The Poetic Edda translated by Carolyn Larrington
The Ancient Fires of Midgard by
Myths of the Norsemen by H.A. Guerber
The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Norse Mythology: The Myths and Legends of the Nordic Gods by Arthur Cotterell
Vinland Sagas: Norse Discovery of America by Magnus Magnusson
Viking: Myths of Gods & Monsters by Kevin Crossley-Holland
Looking for the Lost Gods of England by Katheen Herbert
The Saga of the Volsungs
Heimskringla (The Loves of the Norse Kings) by Snorre Sturason
The Nibelungenlied
Gods and Myths of Northern Europe - by H.R. Ellis Davidson
Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions - by H.R. Ellis Davidson

The Real Middle Earth by Brian Bates
The Viking World by James Graham-Campbell
Anglo-Saxon Chronicles translated by Michael Swanton
Vking Mythology by John Grant
Viking: Hammer of the North by Magnus Magnusson
Creed of Iron by Ron McVan
Temple of Wotan by Ron McVan
Secret of the Runes by Gudio Von List
The Book Of Runes by Ralph Blum
A Practicle Guide To The Ruens by Lisa Peschel
Rudiments of Runelore by Stephen Pollington
Anglo-Saxon Runes by John Kemble
Cultish Heathenism

The Occult Roots of Naziam: Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
Invisible Eagle