Resurgence of Wotan.

By: Wotansvolk

When the standards of wotanism became corrupted by christianity at the close of the Viking Age it was the end of a virgious, independent and heroic era throughout Northern Europe. Ultimately, the pagans fought a gallant, though losing fight, against a remorseless and unscrupulous alien doctrine. Over centuries of fighting previous Roman campaigns the time had arrived when the christian policy of obtaining influence over the rulers and lawgivers was no longer avoidable.
    Christian churches hounded on the administrators of the law to condemn the non-Christian practitioners of the old faith. Priests of the papacy gloated over the many non-Christians whom they had consigned to the flames and most gruesome of tortures. Like others, the former culture-producing and nature-based path of Wotanism, and Ariosophy in general, was forced underground.

The band of truly enlightened ones separated themselves from the profane. Preserving the most important of their secrets, they inconspicuously stepped back from the ignorance of the world stage. There was a contrived and specific aim by the world controllers of the time to force their anti-heroic, anti-nature, suicidal doctrine into the collective mind of the White, Northern European world. For this transition to be successful it was necessary to incorporate many of the pre-existing pagan customs into Christianity itself. The Christian conversion made little difference to the relative position of the two religions.
    Therefore, though the rulers professed Christianity, the great masses of the Aryan folk followed the old gods. Even in the highest offices of the church the priests often served the heathen deities, as well as the Christian god, and practiced the folkish customs of our ancestral beliefs. The terms 'pagan' and 'heathen' were grossly distorted by the church too. Demean and vilify non-Christians. In truth and reality, 'pagan' simply means, 'country dweller'. And 'heathen' is somewhat similar in its essence to describe the rural folk who lived in the outreaches or heaths. 'Barbarians' was another word often misused to degrade, as 'uncivilized', but merely meant 'those who lived beyond the borders of the Roman Empire'.

Unlike Christianity, it was not the nature of Wotanists to impose their Beliefs and customs on others. The archetypal Wotan, although consistent, remained mystical and enigmatic for more than a thousand years. There are historical periods when the spectre of Wotan would surface in the guise of other mythological forms. This was symbolic in the arcane personages of Merlin instructing the great mysteries to King Arthur or Herne the Hunter, as Gnostic guide of Robin Hood.

The close of the 19th century saw a tremendous resurgence of Celtic, Druid and Teutonic secret societies throughout Europe. An enthusiastic, rekindled interest in Wotanism was taking hold in a big way in Germany and further accelerated in the early decades of the 20th century. Great efforts were being made to revive new high temples of Aryan wisdom and to preserve the Gnostic knowledge of Ariosophy. This hidden elect class of Teutonic Wotanist priesthood was known as the, 'Armanenschaft' Grand scale plans began to develop in this direction, including the acquisition of the Wewelsburg Castle in 1934. This was intended to become a Teutonic Armanenschaft stronghold around which a city was in the planning for development.

Earlier in Austria in 1907 Jörg Lanz Von Liebenfels, an Armanenist of popular acclaim, with the aid of his Viennese friends, purchased Burg Werfenstein Castle to establish a 'New Order Templi'. The aims of these Orders were explicit - to harmonize science, art, ethics and folk mythos into a religion devoted to the preservation and upgrading of the Aryan race.

Wotanism played a Major role in most all of the Teutonic orders, groups, guilds and societies. At the close of WWII many of the ambitious Armanenschaft projects were forced to be abandoned. Two decades later Wotanism again began to surface in newly formed societies and kindreds, Not only in Europe but in America, also. A renewed interest in the Study of Runes Aryan mythos and Asatru (a path which means , 'faith in the Wotanist gods of the Aesir') began to develop and take root.

The word, 'Aryan' itself, which best depicts the White race, and used quite commonly through all centuries past, was and is now denied our folk and stricken from all the current versions of dictionaries and history books.

The increasing escalation today of universalism, multi-culturalism, Political correctness, materialism and pure, anti-White bigotry have all been selectively and maliciously created to destroy the Aryan imperative. There is an old German proverb: 'Upon the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest... and resting, they died.'

No longer must the traitorous and alien-controlled governments determine the fates of our people and deny our freedoms. In their place must rule wise, upright, chivalrous and true leaders of our folk. True freedom is where one can live as pleases a brave heart, where one can live according to the customs and laws of our forefathers, where we are made happy by that which made our most distant ancestors happy.
    In the entire life history of a people its holiest moment is when it awakens from its powerlessness... a people which, with joy and love, grasp the eternity of Its nationhood can at all times celebrate its festival of rebirth and its day of resurrection. Why have our true nature-based, folk religions been denied us? It is those who deny us that freedom who want to control us, and they (church and state) have controlled us systematically for the past 2,000 years. The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by malicious governments and oppressive religions. It will take more than politics and wishful thinking to secure the future of our race.

Our greatest strength remains rooted in our collective folk consciousness, and our own self-awareness within that consciousness. The struggle for existence causes the will to make itself manifest. It is this all transcending will, wisdom and spirit of our race which remains ever constant in the sacred arcane mysteries and mythos of our folk. Through the pantheon of cultural archetypes, contained within the priceless heritage of our indigenous spiritual practice and customs, we rediscover the true essence of our being, the path to higher being and the patterns for heroic valor, determination and unity.

This unconquerable folk spirit of Wotanism explains why our pagan forebears fought to the bitter end, unflinching in the face of death and torment, rather than succumb to the alien religious doctrines and political toxins of lies and oppression.

Those of us today who can grasp the eternity of Wotan consciousness and Its nationhood can at all times celebrate its festival of rebirth and its day of resurrection! The 21st century will witness a dramatic resurgence of the Wotan spirit, a new revolution in thought and a brighter future for Aryan man.

Hail Wotan!, Victory or Valhalla!