That Which Once Was Shall Be Again
By Fjorn, Raven

In accordance with nature's laws, the eternal decrees of the creator, I avow to you Allfather Woden to proudly and honourably walk the path of my heathen ancestors. To stand true as an Aryan and protect all that is bound in the blood… culture, heritage, folk, faith and nation.

All I see before me is my culture and heritage being desecrated. I see all around me the descendants of my white pagan forefathers, a once proud and true people defile themselves and their offspring by miscegenation, by breaking the first and highest law of nature… the preservation of ones own kind. Through this separating their children from the past forever, breaking the sacred bond of blood.

We are and always will be connected to Mother Earth. We are a part of nature and therefore subject to nature's eternal laws, who are we to violate what the creator has given to us.

I have over short time learned that all culture can only survive if the creators of that culture live on and not conversely. The survival of our race is the only way to ensure that the culture tied to us in blood is not lost. It is also the only way to ensure a future for our children and that the path to a higher being, a superman and a higher form of our race is not lost. A higher form of our race that up until now was a journey we were taking.

Through my writings and poems I hope to educate and inspire my fellow kinsmen and even to inform those that have not as yet taken this path and hopefully to make more just think. To think about what once was, where we were going and where we will end if we carry blindly on. Once we were on the path to a higher self, we are now heading down a self destructive slope at a furious level.

In this day our cultures are on a decline, no one knows who they are or where they truly come from. Our past leads the way to the future so therefore the future us built on the foundations of our past. What is to become of the future for our children when their present foundations are built on a disgrace, a mixture of all world cultures… a clear spring ending in a pool of mud.

Sons of Woden will rise once again and the will of the Aryan nation of ancient Albion and the whole of Europe will be manifest in the hearts and souls of our people forever!

Under the symbol of the Black Sun and upon Mjollnir, by the fury and wisdom of mighty Woden, to all Syriath, I swear my allegiance.