The Odinic mysteries
By: Wodenson

I have been asked on numerous occasions to write on the deeper meanings and the spiritual teachings inherent in our ancient Aryan religions - particularly in Odinism. since the symbolism of our Germanic religion is appropriate and necessary in these desperate times. I will attempt, as briefly as possible, to explain the structure and teachings of our old religions. But to do so, some points must be clarified:

For one, just because a religion, language, alphabet, or people, originated in Asia does not make them Oriental. Three thousand years ago, Aryans populated an area from at least the north of India across what is now Iraq and Iran, through present day Turkey, and on west to the Atlantic ocean. Next, we must understand the word "mystery" as it applies to an ancient wisdom. There is a body of knowledge that is many thousands of years old, for it is coded in the great pyramid, as well as in Stonehenge and other enduring structures. This knowledge has been preserved by Initiates into the old Mystery Schools, and through the dark ages of church persecution it was kept alive by secret societies including Knights Templar, Rosicrucians and early Masonic orders.
     All of our old religions were created by adepts in the Mystery Schools, and are therefore appropriately called Mystery Religions. Among these religions are Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Druidism, and Odinism. The first, or Gnostic, Christianism was an almost exact parody of Mithraism, but it was perverted and misused by degenerates in the decaying Roman empire and eventually became the indescribable evil which we now know as judeo-christianity.

Legend has it that some two thousand years ago a great Aryan leader named Sigge left the Caucasus mountains with a large tribe who called themselves the Aesir. They traveled through Europe and finally Sigge settled in Sweden near Uppsala. Along the way Sigge changed his name to Odin and made several of his sons kings over provinces in Europe. At Uppsala Sigge (now Odin] established a Mystery School and initiated twelve chief Drottars (Odinic priests) into the ancient wisdom. As the centuries passed, Odin, who had been a wise and beneficent ruler, became synonymous with Allfather, the supreme God. Also, as so often happens when a new religion is introduced, previous Gods were included. Thus Thor, the Thunder God of Scandinavia became a son of Odin.

Hermetic scholars know that by researching any of the Mystery religions they can discover the same messages as are hidden in others. So despite the persecution and destruction of ancient knowledge by the church and others, we are still able to dig out the teachings of our Forefathers. The structures were always the same. The masses of people have never had mature minds which could grasp the esoteric teachings. For them, the vital forces of the universe were personified as Gods and Goddesses of the ancient mythologies. The most fundamental teaching of Odinism is that Nature and Nature's laws are the work of Allfather, and therefore Nature's laws are laws of the Gods - a "Holy Book" which men can neither invent nor pervert.

Prospective Initiates into the priesthood advanced by degrees as do adepts in Hermetic societies today. The aspiring Odinist priest advanced through nine degrees, symbolized as the nine worlds. The degrees or worlds were known as:

  1. Asgard, world of the Gods:
  2. Vanaheim, world of the Vanas;
  3. Alfheim, world of light and spirit;
  4. Midgard, world of humans;
  5. Jotunheim, world of the giants;
  6. Svartalfheim, world of dark, underworld elves;
  7. Muspelheim, world of fire;
  8. Niflheim. world of cold and dark;
  9. Helheim, abode of the dead.

The nine worlds or degrees correspond to the nine planes or degrees of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The initiators were called:

  1. Sublime
  2. Equal to the Sublime;
  3. Highest.

They correspond to the Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, and Junior Warden of Masonry.Upon completion of studies, the Initiate took his oath of office on a naked sword blade and in front of a seven-blossomed plant representing the seven stars.

The Ancients said they could prove the existence of that creative intelligence and force we call God by observation of Nature and its relationship to intelligently designed patterns of number. This is still reflected In the Rosicrucian and Masonic orders which refer to God as the grand geometrician or mathematician of the universe. No one can understand Hermetic philosophy, or the so-called occult, until they study these devices. The ancient wisdom has been both coveted and persecuted by tyrants for thousands of years. But the Hermetic philosophers hid and encoded the knowledge hi myth, par- able, ritual symbol number, and geometry. Thousands of years ago they knew of what Professor Carl Jung called the archetypes and the collective subconscious. As Jung said. "The archetypes of Odin/Woden/Wotan are rising in the collective subconscious of the Aryan people."


Briefly on the metaphysical teachings of Odinism: Odinists practice uncompromising intellectual honesty when discussing 'Belief.' Belief is conjecture based on some type of evidence, but for which there is insufficient evidence to support a statement of fact The Mystery religions taught reincarnation. The evidence for this 'belief came from a form of philosophical logic that can promote such a belief, but does not warrant a statement of fact. The ancients observed, for example that although children might have the same parents and similar upbringing, still some would have mature, stable, introspective, or altruistic natures, while others would have less desirable traits. This anomaly was attributed to maturity gathered from past incarnations and astrological influences from the zodiac. But this opens doors to subjects too complex for this short article. I would discourage most from exploring in depth. Odin hung on a tree for nine days and sacrificed an eye to gain wisdom. That is a Hermetic message detailing the sacrifices necessary to acquire true knowledge and the pain inherent in "loss of innocence."
     Others have written books on the Runes. So I won't belabor the subject here. Suffice it to say that the Runes, like the ancient hieroglyphics, alphabets. and other sacred symbols, were designed to speak to our subconscious as well as provide a means for direct communication. Their phonetics in exact construction muse vibratory affects which can only be understood in the light of a surviving Gnostic verse which states: 'God Is the Word.' This brings us to the proper name for Allfather. Aryans should most properly call God Woden When used as Mantra (mystic word or sacred sound syllable which may open the consciousness to a higher level).
     It sounds like Woooooodennnn . Used in conversation the W is so soft that it is mistaken for Oden or Odin. In German speaking countries. the W is pronounced as a soft v, giving Voden or Votan. But the proper pronunciation as deciphered by initiates into the Odinic Mysteries is Woden. You will find that the name Woden used as a Mantra along with additional breathing disciplines, focuses the mind, relaxes the body and refreshes the spirit. It should be used in times of stress; before battle; and in worship. Students of Jung and the collective subconscious also know that Woden increases in strength as a physic dominate in proportion to our devotion. In other words, we serve Woden and in torn Woden serves our Folk.

Having now perhaps captured the interest of many in the old wisdom with the barest hint of its magnitude, I must nonetheless conclude with a warning. Civilizations and cultures have cycles. In this age we have need for men of action, other times call for philosophers. If the reader wishes to pursue the mysteries, please do not use such a pursuit as an excuse for inaction. Quoting from the Havamal. Woden says: "do right, and fear nothing." That is an appropriate philosophy for this desperate age.