Wotansvolk, A Revolution In Thought . By: Wotansvolk

Since the misty beginnings of ancient times to the present modern world of science and high technology, man has long pondered the question of reality and illusion. Reality can be analyzed in terms of polarity, for the secret of existence is manifest in contrary play of simultaneously operating forces. The duel nature of all existence shows itself in the physical world.

It is important to realize that illusion, however, does not mean non-existence. Illusion exists; illusory things exist We are surrounded by illusions and, in fact, are very much a part of the illusory universe. That which we know as our reality is for the most part only a reality Within the limited time frame and mindscape of the collective human consciousness.

Each individual and each race of man have specific aims. Even though we are not consciously aware of them, these aims have a great effect on our lives, the way we think and the actions we take, each of them personal, individual and indefinable.

The collective aim of a race is most often formed and developed through Its mythology. Mythology is the study of the imaginative traditions through which a race attempts to understand and control the world about them and reconcile themselves to life's tragedies and uncertainties. Many myths are tales of gods, heroic ancestors and symbolic supernatural beings of the distant past and of how things came to be as they are.

Everywhere in the world myth has a profound influence on human attitudes and behavior. They contain a race's vision of its past, present and future. A society, in fact, cannot be understood in isolation from its myth.

The resurgent enthusiasm for mythology in our time has drawn renewed strength from the fact that alien religions in the western world as, also, scientific and technological man have lost their way and that the direct line of truth and racial cohesion lies through the territory of myth.
For the Aryan race this myth finds its foundation and focus in the age old roots of Wotanism.

Much of the ancient wisdom and ethics of the Aryan race has been passed down by way of the Eddas, Runes, sagas and cannons of wisdom such as the Havamal, (Words of the High One).

Wotanism has survived the centuries more or less intact and is only in need of correct reinterpretation in order to make them living, profound realities again. It is worth observing that it is through the oldest relics of any mythology that we find the largest portion of racial identity, wisdom, sacred truths and the most grand and noble concepts.
It seems the intervening millennia have done little but distort the pure versions of our pre-Christian, nature-based mythology and race religion.

Wotan symbolizes the true ethnic, quintessential figure, the cosmic life force and essential soul, and spirit of the Aryan folk made manifest Traditionally, Wotan has long been known as the inscrutable iron willed warrior god, instilling courage, determination and heroic qualities necessary in the ongoing survival and preservation of Aryan man.
Technically speaking the archtype, Wotan, characterizes a deep understanding of our primordial origin, our present being and becoming and our destiny as a species and culture. The study of Wotanism is a study of ourselves.

More than just a mythological personage, Wotan is a figure who represents many dynamic facets that weave deeply into the individual human psyche and that of the race as a whole. Those who follow the upward path of ancestral Wotanism with the instinctual understanding that the highest law of nature demands the preservation of one's own kind

are today known as Wotansvolk.

Wotanism encompasses all the essential elements of Aryan life and the life of our folk gains its fulfillment within it. More precisely, Wotansvolk clearly understand that the highest value around which all remaining commandments of life must be grouped, correspond directly to the innermost essence of the 14 Words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

Wotansvolk is not an organization, club, guild, cult or alliance. What the term 'Wotansvolk' signifies is a shared volkish state of mind, a mixture of nature-based ancestral Wotanism with a present day instinctive biological determinance. Wotanism is an effective and dynamic function of purpose for racial survival. Remove the spiritual props, the cultural reinforcements, the time tested aims and values, and the delicately balanced human mind and race itself will begin to totter. It is the effort of Wotansvolk to recharge the volk consciousness of Aryan man, to think with our blood and unite under our common heritage, mythos and indigenous folk religion.

From this ancient, yet new, revival of the Aryan myth will develop a superior counter force that will guide us back into contact with our inner selves with a steel hard will which is courageous enough to bear all consequences of its convictions.

In recapturing our heroic and spiritual strength, as portrayed in our old myths, we quickly regain our desire to seize control of our lives and noble destiny as a people. It is through the reality of this spiritual regeneration from which the new era of Aryan man will grow, develop and flourish. Our cultural archtypes are what we ourselves long to become; our minds and bodies are the showplace of our soul. Our soul is the essence of our racial being transmitted through our genes.

NO oak tree grows without soil, root and strength. No man comes out of the unsubstantial. The people are his soul, history his root, blood his strength. The ancestral based ideal of higher being through Wotanism is not a root, but a blossom. Let our revitalized folk Awareness take care of the roots, the blossom will appear by itself. Through Wotansvolk and the 14 Words, we can rebuild the foundation towards our highest potential and our destiny as Nature's finest

Hail Wotan. Hail the Volk. Hail the 14 Words!