Contains a wide range of subjects starting with a foreword about myself, an introduction into pagan thinking, the feminine aspects, understanding the northern myths, the gods and goddesses, the nine worlds, northern traditions and it's natural lore, the seasonal celebrations, the Blot, personal celebrations, naming, reaching adulthood, wedding and funeral customs, the wisdom of trees, magical herbs, the natural magic of our ancestors, how magic works, runes, Seidr (shamanism), the animal spirit, the wolf, natural birth and the pagan child, the clothes our pagan ancestors wore, self-understanding, some poems and last words....and of course again and again how to understand our ancestors' way of thinking, with a sense of balance, understanding the eternal cycle of life and death and how to see beyond the narrow Christian idea of good or evil, black or white.
It was published by Hammerheart, though the German edition is published by Second Sights Books , under the name "Die Alten Feuer Midgards".
For more information on how to obtain the book, you should contact Hammerheart @ Well Of Urd

I sincerely hope some of its pages will inspire you...

(…) "The Ancient Fires Of Midgard" shows Andrea M. Haugen's understanding for the pagan world of Northern Europe - from a very personal and intimate point of view. She discusses topics such as Northern mythology and the Pagan way of life, nature's mysteries and the wisdom within ourselves, ancient traditions, the magic of the wise women, natural childbirth, the animal spirit and the natural lore. Andrea explains why it is so important for us to remember the Pagan understanding of life and she does not step back from criticizing modern society and the dogmatic, patriarchal religions that aimed to suppress our nature within (...).

"We are and always will be connected to Mother Nature…"

- Frauke Stoeber, Journalist -