For the Nations


"The promotion of diversity among the peoples and cultures of the Earth, in opposition to global monoculture…The AFA supports the effort of all cultural and biological groups to maintain their identity, and opposes the plans of the world-managers to reduce all of humanity to the lowest common denominator."

- From the Declaration of Purpose of the Asatru Folk Assembly

The Global Godzilla Marches On…
By Stephen A. McNallen

A recent column by conservative columnist Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld shows that the globalist phenomenon haunts both ends of the political spectrum. Socialists and capitalists alike share enthusiasm for the emerging planetary culture because it gives both of them what they want. Global integration appeals to socialist internationalism on the one hand, and the capitalist craving for money, on the other.

Blumenfeld has just spent a week in Beijing and enthusiastically reports to the politically and religiously conservative readers of World Net Daily (Friday, March 22, 2002) about his trip. He enthuses on "how Americanized everything has already become. McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway are everywhere…Super expressways, clogged with cars, trucks and buses, circle this huge city, and every young person wants to buy a car….Back in the American-style hotel, I could watch television - all 65 channels."

At this point you may need to remind yourself that Blumenfeld thinks all this is great. Why shouldn't the whole world look the same? Think how much better life will be, when we can get a Big Mac anywhere in the world!

Never mind that China forbids political dissent…that it occupies Tibet, East Turkestan, and Mongolia…that it crushes Falun Gong and Tibetan Buddhism and, for that matter, Christianity. History shows us that high technology, totalitarianism, and at private enterprise can coexist just fine - it's called fascism.

The Americanization of the world cannot be carried out without destroying the physical environment, urbanizing the planet, and exterminating unique cultures. The victims will not be just people in the Third World, either. Authentic European culture will shrivel just as surely as any other. Of course, if you consider the shopping mall and MTV representatives of the European-American spirit…

As an Asatruar, I want a world of differences. I don't want Beijing, London, San Francisco, and Nairobi to all look the same. And that's why I support people who want to live their traditional way, regardless of their race or religion. I support Polish farmers against the tyrants in Brussels, and the Scots in keeping their bagpipes, and the Tibetans and the Karen and the people of south Sudan and many others.

You can help. Follow the links on this page. Lend a hand. You want a heroic fight? Then stand against the globalist monster!

I leave you with this quote from E. M. Arndt's Catechism for the Teutonic Soldier and Warrior , 1813:

Freedom is where you can live, as pleases a brave heart; where you can live according to the customs and laws of your fathers; where you are made happy by that which made your most distant ancestors happy.


Poland's Small Farmers vs. the European Union

More than a million Polish farmers may be forced off their family lands if the European Union has its way.

Under current "big is beautiful" policies within the EU, Poland must restructure its farming sector if the county is to be allowed membership in the international body. Officials for the EU insist that most small private farms are "inefficient" and "promote poverty." Results of the "restructuring" will be to add a million or more uprooted farmers to the mass of urban poor.

Of Poland's 2 million farms, 1.6 million are tiny family plots of the sort targeted by the EU.

British rural activist Sir Julian Rose urged the Polish government not to abide by the EU mandates. According to Rose, EU policies put 1.2 million British farmers out of business and cut income for the survivors by 70 percent. The results were pollution, epidemics, loss of biodiversity, and devastated communities.

"I am in Poland to urge you to fight for the future of your beautiful, diverse, small-scale farms," Rose said. "Say no to the intensive farming ethic that has destroyed my country."

One farmer's wife makes her own course clear: "The communists tried to force us off our land in the 1950's and they failed. We are staying. This is the only life we know and it suits us fine. Who are those politicians to say our farm is too poor?"

- Christian Science Monitor , December 28, 2001

Bagpipes - Outlawed Again?

If the bureaucrats have their way, the pipes may be outlawed in Scotland for the first time since the English victory at Culloden.

The Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Union voted recently to reduce the maximum noise limit from the current 90 decibels to 87 decibels. While no specific plan was mooted to silence bagpipes, Minister to the European Parliament Struan Stevenson warned that the regulations, as drafted would almost certainly restrict and possibly silence pipe bands, particularly professional bands which are covered under laws pertaining to workplace safety.

The Scotsman , March 6, 2002


A good comprehensive British anti-EU site is at .


Tibet Activists Speak

Stephen McNallen recently sponsored a talk by four young activists of the Tibetan Youth Congress in Nevada City, California. One of the key themes of the lecture was "direct economic action," or boycotting goods made in China. Mr. McNallen suggested that just as members of the audience check labels for fat and salt content, so they must learn to look for "totalitarian content," as well - and if the item is made in China, put it back on the shelf!

Excellent relevant sites include:

Tibetan Youth Congress - - The TYC is the largest activist organization of its kind in the world.

The Rangzen Allianc e - - This site features the excellent "Rangzen Charter" and an argument for the importance of direct economic action against the Chinese. ("Rangzen" means "independence" in Tibetan.)

Looking for alternatives to buying from China? Try .

Morgan Stanley Helps China Absorb Tibet

Morgan Stanley, the investment banker giant, has underwritten bonds for the Golmud-Lhasa railroad, one of the key projects which China hopes will complete the integration of Tibet into the "Chinese motherland." The company is also active in other aspects of the so-called Western Development Plan. Thanks to Morgan Stanley's financial aid, mineral resource extraction (for the benefit of Chinese, not Tibetans) and destruction of Tibet's fragile environment will continue at an accelerated pace.

By going to , you can send a fax to Morgan Stanley in protest. It will only take a few moments of your time, but it will help stop the globalist juggernaut which threatens not just Tibetans, but all of us.

If you have investments with Morgan Stanley, you ought to consider taking your business elsewhere.